Catalonia: Political Situation Remains Frozen

A year after the declaration of independence of Catalonia, and despite a strong mobilization during the Catalan national day Tuesday, September 11 in Barcelona, the political and economic life paralyzed in Catalonia. Dissonant voices are increasingly heard in the independence area. They were likely to wield it, Tuesday, September 11, Catalan independence flags, nearly one million, according to the police, marching through the main artery of Barcelona for the “Diada,” “national holiday” Catalan. The separatists have lost none of their ability to mobilize, even a year after the failure of their attempt at secession from Spain and with nine political leaders still in jail.

Deep divisions

But this event is not to the liking of all Catalans. Supporters of maintaining of Catalonia in Spain, as this young woman from Barcelona, denounces the appropriation by the pro-independence “of this celebration of the Diada which should be a day for the Catalans. If these were frustrated not having visibility in the tide of separatist flags, one year after the illegal referendum on self-determination on 1 October 2017 and vain declaration of independence of 27 which resulted under the guardianship of Catalonia by Madrid, the balance of power remains almost identical between supporters and opponents to the separation from Madrid. Thus, the latest poll, published in July by a dependent on the regional Government Institute, shows that 46.7% of Catalans are favorable to the independence and 44.9% are opposed.

But this time, it is within the independence movement divisions intensified between, on the one hand the more moderate of the Republican Left (ERC), who want to abandon the unilateral, and on the other, the more radical path (those of the Democratic Party European (PDeCAT) Catalan Carles Puigdemont, in exile and the extreme left of the CUP) who camped on their position of independence.

Lucid, Joan soon, Member of ERC (whose leader Oriol Junqueras is still in prison) pointed out the week last: “If independence is quite naïve or stupid to believe that he can impose independence on 50% of. “Catalans who are not (independence), it is obvious that he was wrong.”

In his editorial, published this Wednesday, 12 September, in the daily La Vanguardia (edited in Barcelona), Lluís Foix, calling the separatists out of their ” political obsession for a single cause… they forget that Catalonia is a company. Plural with other interests and needs that must be addressed by the Government and the Catalan Parliament’… ” The social and political of the Catalan crisis cost is very high he continues, sharing in two a society that does not recognize the legitimacy of the other half and leading to a decline in essential services to decrease the. “needs of the most vulnerable and excluded.

The local parliament has still not met

Although article 155 was lifted, June 2, at the end of the decision-making function of the new Catalan Government, putting an end to the tutelage of Catalonia, the local Parliament is still not met. ” We call a normal democratic operation. “However, there is no debate; the opposition can not be expressed within the institutions,” regrets this young woman from Barcelona. The president of Catalonia, Quim Torra strives to maintain the radical speech of his predecessor, Carles Puigdemont, who continues to pull the strings of Catalan politics of Belgium.

We could believe that the arrival in power in Madrid of the Socialist Pedro Sanchez (through the voice of the separatists) to unblock the situation. Indeed, it has paved the way for a de-escalation by proposing a referendum on the enlargement of the Catalan autonomy. But Quim Torra remains on a hard line and requires the central Government Organization of a referendum on self-determination. It ensures that if Madrid continues to refuse, he will give up ‘no way’ to lead Catalonia independence. “The separatists will take to the streets and demonstrate that they are the most organized political force” in Catalonia, he declared the day of the Diada.